PCWHS performers shine in the dance sport event in the Division Palaro 2019 held on Nov. 22, 2019 at the Pasay City  National Science HS Gym.

Twins Ashley and Tracy Polhen shone the brightest in the team bringing home six golds and silvers along with one bronze. Ashley won her three golds in Modern Standard solo female category by ruling in waltz, tango, and quickstep. Tracy likewise proved that she is as good as her sister when she won in Latin solo female category and nabbed three golds in chacha, rumba, and jive. The twins gave their share of silver medals in Modern Standard and Latin Couple category. Ashley and her partner Kier Albert Cabanlit bagged silver medals in waltz, tango and quicksteps. Tracy and Axl Maisa got silver medals in chacha and rumba while settling for bronze in jive.

Meanwhile, sprinter Cabanlit showed that he can also groove to the music when he won one silver and two bronzes in    Modern Standard solo male category. He landed at second place both in waltz and tango while winning third place in quickstep.    Moreso, Axl Maisa had his share of bronze medals by winning third place in chacha, rumba and jive, all of which belong to Latin solo male category. Coach of the school’s dance sport team is Ms. Narcissa Lim.