By: John Paul Mira

n a dazzling display of strength and flexibility, Farrah Leslie Anne Vera, a talented gymnast from PCWHS, claimed a remarkable silver medal in aero gymnastics for secondary girls during the NCR Palaro. The event, which took place at the GAP Training Center in Intramuros Manila from April 24-28, witnessed Vera’s outstanding performance, earning her the well-deserved second-best spot on the podium.

Coached by Adelina P. Limos, Vera showcased her prowess in executing aerobic steps, impressing judges, and securing her place as a standout athlete. Before her remarkable feat at the NCR tournament, Vera had already achieved success at the Division Palaro held in February and March, where she, along with her PCWHS teammates Sean Niroh Mateo and Ciriane Paz Cuneta, were crowned Division Champions. Both Mateo and Cuneta also showcased their skills at the NCR level, contributing to PCWHS’s success in the prestigious event.

Graceful and elegant.

Farrah Leslie Ann Vera showed one of her signature moves in Aero gymnastics.