by: Cynthia L. Abarquez

Munggo Kare-kare.

This recipe helped Pasay City West High School team to land as second runner-up in the Regional Nestle Wellness Campus Sarap Sustansya Virtual Inter-School Cooking Competition.

The school’s team was composed of Ms. Fria Canlas (coach) and the mother-and-daughter tandem of Mrs. Adelina P. Limos and Carmela Andrea P. Limos, a Grade-9 learner. In their six-minute video, the team prepared Munggo Kare-kare where they used meatballs formed from ground chicken meat and mashed munggo beans. They added Nestle All Purpose Cream to thicken the sauce. The team strictly followed the concept of Sarap Sustansya Pinggang Pinoy Dish.

Open to all public high schools in the National Capital Region (NCR), the competition aimed to educate Filipino youth on the importance of a delicious and balanced diet, while instilling an appreciation for cooking as an essential life skill. The main challenge of the contest was to cook affordable yet tasty and nutritious meals.

 Prior to the team’s NCR qualification, the trio first emerged as the champion in the division level with their dish “Sikreto ni Juana”. The division level required all teams to prepare a 150-Peso-worth of nutritious meal good for five persons. 

Mrs. Narcisa Lim, PCWHS Wellness Coordinator supervised the activity. Also involved in the preparation of the video are Dr. Omar Aguilar (MAPEH Department Head), Mrs. Mildred C. Romanban (OIC- Head, TLE Department), and Mr. Canniel Ordońez, MAPEH teacher.

Chef on their own. (L-R) Mrs. Adelina Limos, Carmela Andrea Limos, and Ms. Fria Canlas show off their cooking skills.
One for all, all for one dish. (L-R) Mr. Canniel Ordońez, Mrs. Adelina  Limos, Carmela Andrea Limos, Ms. Fria Canlas, Mrs. Mildred C. Romanban, and Mrs. Narcissa Lim flash their smile after the cooking demonstration.