By: Kiel Vincent Fajardo – Grade 9 – Lavoisier and Geollana Eleazar – Grade 11 – ABM

Pasay City West High School initiated the new school year with an orientation session attended by over 7000 eager learners on August 29, 2023, held at the school gymnasium.

The school’s newly appointed principal, Mr. Agapito Teodoro N. Manaog, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of adhering to school rules. He stressed the need for self-discipline, stating, “Magkaroon tayo ng pinakamatas ng lebel ng disiplina.” Mr. Manaog specifically highlighted the rules regarding vandalism, punctuality, cleanliness, loitering, appropriate haircuts and hair colors, and the wearing of the school uniform. He also made a commitment to enhance restroom facilities by stating, “Palalagyan natin ng bidet at ng flush ang mga CR para maiwasan ang pag-iimbak ng tubig sa mga drums na siyang pinamumugaran ng kiti-kiti. Kaya nagkakaroon ng dengue.” Furthermore, he earnestly requested students to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the classrooms.

The orientation was attended by students from STE classes and learners from regular classes. Notable attendees included Mrs. Ivy A. Tanglao, PCWHS assistant principal, department heads, and teachers. To ensure the safety of everyone and prevent overcrowding inside the gym, the orientation was conducted in batches. The morning session was scheduled as follows: 6:00-7:45 for Grade 12, 8:15-10:00 for Grade 10 and STE Grade 9, and 10:30-12:15 for Grade 8 and STE Grade 7. In the afternoon, the session timings were as follows: 1:00-2:40 for Grade 11, 3:10-4:50 for Grade 9, and 5:20-7:00 for Grade 7.