By: Piedad O. Diola

Edited by: Celia L. Singcol

Pasay City West High School (PCWHS) has left an indelible mark on the educational landscape with its enlightening year-end seminar- workshop for teaching and non-teaching personnel at the Philippine School for the Deaf. Held on December 15, 2023, the event, titled “Seminar on Safeguarding Students’ and Women’s Rights on Gender-based Violence for School Teaching and Non-teaching Personnel,” was organized by the PCWHS Gender and Development (GAD) unit, led by its dedicated Focal Person, Mrs. Socorro C. Domingo, Head Teacher VI.

Under the helm of PCWHS School Head, Mr. Agapito Teodoro N. Manaog, the seminar aimed to uplift the participants while providing essential information about safeguarding themselves and others against gender-based violence. The event successfully blended knowledge-sharing with entertainment, featuring engaging activities like raffle draws and giveaways.

The seminar kicked off with an energetic Zumba dance as an unfreezing activity, involving nearly 200 enthusiastic participants. Four outstanding performers were recognized and rewarded with special prizes, setting a positive and lively tone for the rest of the day.

The highlight of the session was the talk by Dr. Jose Lozano Pascua, Quality Assurance Management/Statistician and Researcher, who addressed Definitions and Concepts of Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC). Dr. Pascua delved into issues concerning not only women and children but also couples who have undergone violent experiences. He also discussed relevant Presidential decrees and VAWC-related laws, offering a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework.

Following a break with light snacks and additional raffle draws, PPSG Ann B. Alegrado, FJGAD PNCO/Women’s Desk from Pasay Police Station, shared valuable insights on the Protocol for Handling VAWC Cases in Schools and Barangays. The audience actively participated by posing queries, showcasing their keen interest in gaining knowledge suitable for handling such cases, especially in their roles as educators.

As part of the seminar’s output, participants were encouraged to write down their key takeaways and post them on the board. The Filipino department teachers received special recognition and prizes for submitting the most number of written outputs, demonstrating their commitment to the cause. Additionally, the Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) Department, led by Mr. Rex Giovanni Sorita, earned special recognition and a prize for being the earliest to arrive with a complete number of teacher-attendees.

The two esteemed discussants, Dr. Jose Lozano Pascua and PPSG Ann B. Alegrado, were honored with Certificates of Recognition for their invaluable contributions. The remaining prizes were distributed through raffle draws, ensuring that the event concluded on a positive and engaging note.

PCWHS, through its commitment to empowering educators, has not only provided valuable knowledge but has also taken significant strides toward fostering a safer and more informed educational environment. The seminar stands as a testament to the dedication of both PCWHS and PSD in ensuring the well-being and rights of students and women in the community.