It’s the last two months of the school year, and every aspiring student-leader who wants to create a name for the school and leaves footprints worth emulating is surely be very visible in this period.  PCWHS-SSG under the umbrella of the Social Studies Department is so delighted to hold the annual elections for the next set of officers and student-representatives from Grade 7 to Grade 12.

Upon the approval of our OIC Principal Dr. Maripaz T. Mendoza, PCHS-SSG Adviser handed down the 2 opposing parties aiming to get a post for the SSG SY 2020-2021. To the delight of everyone, BARBIE which stands for Bonafide Advocates of Responsibility, Benevolence, Integrity and Ethics and SANA OL defined as Spiritual and Action-Oriented Leaders of New Generation Action Movers that Over-powers Learshipand Discipline party lists emerged.  Both headed by Senior High school students whose names are already ringing a bell to the whole campus, Denbert Tiamzon and John Hezekiah Abot rounded the whole school- room to room for a 3-day campaign period.  

To conclude their campaigns, a Miting de Avance was held on February 12, 2020 to highlight their programs of action and other platforms.  Audienced by class officers form the different grade levels, a head to head spontaneous speeches were delivered by the Party’s candidates for Pesident and Vice Presidents.  

Being one with SDO’s crusade for an automated elections, all learners from Grade 7-12 were pre-registered and assigned with voter’s number.  Excited and the same time driven to exercise their right to vote, students lined-up patiently and waited for their turn to elect the party they like on February 14, 2020.

Right after tallying the votes, a whopping 750 plus lead toppled the SANA OL by BARBIE party list.  Winners were proclaimed in the presence of the candidates and SSG adviser and committees.