By: Ma. Gina P. Bituaran

A story of a humble beginning that started with a magical hand. An ordinary kid who used to draw his favorite characters on paper and pencil now turned in a digital scene.

Adrean Tolosa, an alumnus of Senior High School batch 2018 at Pasay City West High School took Humanities and Social Sciences Strand and graduated with Honors. After Senior High School, the young Adrean started to take off and use his God-given talent to pursue his dream despite the challenges in life. He enrolled at CIIT Philippines – College of Arts and Technology – considered the best school in the country for multimedia arts, 3D animation, web design, and mobile game development – and became a scholar. In this institution, he continues to develop and discover his artistic talent and use the said skill to his advantage and become a 2D Animator free-lancer. Contacted by clients to do projects while studying at the same time made him tangled to meet deadlines. Adrean came up with the most difficult decision in his life and stopped studying.

The young artist then focuses on the industry of animation as a free-lancer, and this opened him a lot of doors to conquer the bigger world of his field. He begins to make projects with big clients such as government agencies and private sectors. In fact, he is the man behind the animation of UNICEF and DepEd’s ad campaign “Handa ang Isip, Handa ang Bukas”

Taking clients and projects left and right didn’t stop Adrean from his eagerness to learn more about animation. Without proper schooling, he manages to find ways to sharpen his talent with the help of the internet all this time. He considered online platforms, most specifically Facebook as one of his backbones in this industry at this point.

Now that he is successful in his chosen field, Adrean always keeps in his mind to be grateful for all the blessings he received. Keep learning in all aspects of life. Regardless of our ages and difficulties in life, we can still achieve our dreams. Keep moving forward and chase after it!

To all students and young individuals, don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Use your talent as your sword, your determination as your shield, and your perseverance as your armor.