By Cynthia L. Abarquez/ Celia  L. Singcol

            Samantha B. Fuchs once again showed her mastery of Deutsche language when she bested out more than 100 participants in the University Fair sponsored by German European School Manila (GESM) held on Nov. 27, 2020.

Samantha received a distance learning package that includes a laptop computer, a headset and a mouse. The school also received a brand-new document camera — earned by having the most number of student registrations and attendees during the said fair.

            The fair was free and open to all students. Around 400 would-be attendees from all over the Philippines registered for the online event, a good number of which were students of the PCWHS. The event featured presentations from dozens of universities around the world and had as its aim to support high school students and fresh graduates in making informed decisions about their higher education choices.

            Mr. Shadin Kitma handed the award to Samantha on De. 16, 2020 at the principal’s office. Present to accept the award were PCWHS Principal Mr. Peter R. Cannon Jr. the German teachers, Jennelyn Bareng, Lillibeth dela Rosa, and Raquel May Basa.

Mr. Cannon Jr. vowed to make the most out of the document camera, a device that would support their faculty and staff in the conduct of distance teaching and their day-to-day administration of the school.

Samantha, with pointedly fewer words, expressed the same the sentiment about her new laptop and gear. She accepted her prize in quiet grace and despite the facemask she wore, beamed a smile visible through her eyes.

            Mr. Cannon Jr. congratulated Samantha. He stressed that a determined and resilient student like Sam will have more chances of achieving success. He added that at this point, apart from being resilient, one has to be proactive.

Fuchs is currently enrolled as grade 11 learner in Pasay City West High School. She has represented the school in the 2019 Language Olympics in Indonesia last year.